Support Staff Collective Agreement 2016

Reporting on the Support Staff Collective Agreement of 2016

In 2016, support staff in Ontario secured a collective agreement that promised increased job security, fair compensation, and other benefits. The agreement was reached after months of negotiations between the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) and the Council of Trustees’ Associations (CTA), which represents school boards across the province. As a result of the negotiations, support staff in Ontario have a better employment situation today.

Job security was a primary concern for support staff during these negotiations, and the 2016 agreement addressed these concerns directly. The agreement included measures to prevent layoffs for full-time support staff, ensuring that they could keep their jobs as long as they were needed. Additionally, the agreement provided more job security for part-time support staff, guaranteeing that they would be offered additional hours of work before new part-time hires were made.

The 2016 agreement also addressed the issue of compensation for support staff, ensuring that their wages would continue to be fair and competitive. The agreement includes wage increases over the length of the contract, improved pay for working split shifts, and an increase in the hourly rate for casual and intermittent employees. These wage increases and improved working conditions have gone a long way in making the support staff feel valued and appreciated by their employers.

The collective agreement also provided other important benefits for support staff in Ontario. For example, it included an increase in the number of sick days that employees could take without fear of retribution. Additionally, support staff were given a clear grievance process, allowing them to more easily report concerns about their work environment or treatment at work.

Overall, the 2016 Support Staff Collective Agreement in Ontario was a significant step forward for support staff. The agreement’s provisions addressing job security, compensation, and other benefits have gone a long way in helping support staff enjoy a better quality of life. As a professional, I urge anyone who is interested in this agreement to learn more about these important provisions. This agreement is a testament to the power of collective bargaining, and it provides an inspiring example for workers everywhere.